Bethany and Alex 2 Year Old Friends / Zebulon Georgia Children's Photographer

For going on almost two years now we had not yet had THAT session....THAT session that photographers talk about amongst themselves---the one where you have multiple kiddos who aren't feeling the love for the camera--the one where every insect or natural disaster that can occur, does occur--that type of session.  Now we can say that we've had it and hopefully we can call it good for another two years!

Bethany and Alex's moms are friends and wanted to get some pics of the two kiddos (who are also friends) together.  Though I was pretty certain that I didn't get any of them actually in the same area at the same time---surprisingly there are some! :)

The part that makes it one of THOSE sessions---is that poor Alex got into a hornet's nest and had at least four bites? stings?  on him----he was a real trouper too----I think I would have cried much harder and longer after having those guys attack me!  Once that was all over and everything was calm again---the kiddos were playing by a fountain when Bethany decided to go check out a large tree.  I followed her over after a minute to try for some shots of just her alone and she started screaming (thought it was me for a second) then saw the ants!  Fire ants---huge, mean ones!  They covered her feet and went all the way up her back.  She was a little toughie too---so many bites and she was up walking around after a strip down and cooling off with fountain water---Then the session was DONE. 

We felt so badly for Alex and Bethany----and hope that the pics that we did get will make it better for the Moms!