Blakely 6 Days New / Griffin Georgia Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness, Miss Blakely was such a little snuggle bug!  She was so squishy and just wanted to curl up into a little snuggly ball for each pose!  Loved her!  Her Mom and Dad always make me laugh and are cool people to chat with during photos! 

Blakely actually gave MonkeyBean the funniest "Poop On Dad" story to date!  You already know that I've been pooped and peed on more than once---caught it in my hand---had it in my shoe...all of that!  But, this was the first time that we set up a shot where Dad had poo and pee dripping down his shirt sleeve and under his arm!  It even shot across the room---she is an athlete!  All of us got so many laughs, it was perfect!  Great for memories and stories down the road. 

Enough story time---meet precious girl Blakely!

Dad is MAD about some Gators!


Just in case you're wondering where her charming good looks come from!