Carson 1 Month / Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer

Little Carson and his parents are buddies of Madden (the kiddo with all the sports equipment and the most adorable football picture ever) and his parents!  We LOVE when clients of newborns send us MORE newborns.  When there isn't a newborn in sight on the calendar, I get a tiny bit sad and can't wait for the next one!  It's just too much fun trying new things with them and watching the cuteness emerge as all they have to do is sleep to be adorable!

Being about three weeks older than most newborns we see, Carson was already old enough to realize that he should stay awake to check out all of the exciting things I was going to put him in/on. :)  He was definitely awake more than asleep but still let me get some super cute shots!  Second newborn session in a row where it was DAD that got the bodily fluids the worst! :)  This time it was A LOT of projectiled ingested milk that covered the front of dad's shirt.  Yikes.   I think we better start telling parents to bring an extra change of clothes.  You know.....just. in. case. :0

These last couple of newbie sessions I've had to learn how to incorporate some sports equipment...we've got major sports fans!

Best lips ever!  Such a cute little nugget!

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