Barbara Dean and Blair's Tea Party

Oh goodness---cuteness is exploding all over this website!  Curled up babies sleeping here and there---little man on a baseball field and now sweet girlies at a tea party!!  I'm on cloud Nine!!  We had two tea parties (the second one to come later) and they were so much fun.  Their moms were even so could see it on their faces as they drove up and saw the tea party setup.  That's what it's all about---having fun with kiddos and making awesome memories for their families.  Good times.

All of our tea parties have had the most gorgeous little ladies in attendance.  How could you NOT get awesome pics of these cuties?!  This is Barbara Dean and Blair who are cousins.

I love how their moms color coordinated their outfits---not sure if they planned to coordinate with all of our stuff---but I LOVE IT.  They are rockin' that red and blue with some MonkeyBean colors!!

Can you believe that Barbara Dean is only four years old?!  Doesn't she look like a second grader?! I love this pic!  Such a cutie.

My fave of cutie pie Blair: