Chloe's Tea Party

Chloe was our last sweet girl to have a summer tea party this year!  What a little cutie she was too!  That adorable hair clip and dress to match....cuteness overload!  She matched the set perfectly too!! :)  I promise that wasn't something planned---we didn't coach the moms on what the kiddos should wear. 

Chloe took a little while  to warm up to us...and to her bear as well---she was not really into letting her princess bear have a little of her faux cupcake---but in the end she shared some cupcake and enjoyed being around us! If ever we need a professional to hunt down bugs in the yard for us, Chloe is who we will call!  She could spot the tiniest of creatures and was sure to let you know that she did NOT want them as guests at her tea party.  All of us got some great laughs from those moments.

We not only grow super duper weeds in our yard---but some other magical things as well, lol!

My fave of Miss Chloe: