Ryan and Andrew are SUPERHEROES! / Locust Grove Children's Photographer

If ever there was a super awesomely fun session, it was this one!!  You just can't beat hanging out with two kiddos that you love dearly--watching them have a blast pretending to be superheroes.  It was fun just watching the expressions on their faces when we asked for their superhero poses!!

These radical capes were made by a friend from work who is looking to make more things to sale...so if you're interested, let me know and I will get you her contact information.  They are great quality---even stayed nice and new looking after the superheroes played in the stream!  These capes are perfect for photographers and also moms who just want to buy something that the kiddos will never forget!

Can't say enough about how much I loved this session and love these kiddos and their mom too....so we'll just get on with the pictures!

This first one happens to be THE. MOST. AWESOME. PICTURE. EVER.  Those facial expressions are absolutely priceless.

Andrew will save the city with the superpower called "Hysterical Laughing" and Ryan will use his powers of "Crazy Intensity" to take on the bad guys! :)


The baddest superhero poses ever!  He knows how to get it done!!

And little brother just makes you want to smile!

SHAZAAM!  Our superheroes will eat your superheroes for breakfast!

Now to the slammin' video!  Unfortunately I couldn't get the hi-res to upload here so the one that will load is a little on the fuzzy side because I didn't load the correct picture size for web viewing...but you get the idea!