Evan 7 Days New

It's the GREAT nephew Charlie Brown! :)  Meet the newest, cutest member of Julie's (and my) family!  There hasn't been a fresh nugget in the family in 14 years!!!  So imagine how excited everyone is to love on this little guy.  He made his arrival about two weeks (give or take) early and we just know that it's because he knew that Aunt Julie and Aunt Melissa had the next weekend completely open to come take his pictures!  He rocks like that. 

Since Leah, Isaac and Baby Evan live in Tallahassee we won't be able to squish this little guy as much as we'd like, so maybe the pics will hold us over.  Just look at his sweet face!

One of our favorite parts had to be his little hairy arms!  Soooo fuzzy and cute!

Evan happens to be MonkeyBean's FIRST FSU fan---thanks to his Dad!  To say his Dad is a fan would be the biggest understatement of the year.  Since we know nothing about sports---when people ask us what team we "cheer" for---we just break it down like this---what state do we live in?  Georgia.  Who has the cutest mascot?  UGA....there ya go.  That's how technical we get when choosing a favorite team, lol!

Whew Lawd I love these next two pictures!  He's cute enough to eat!!

Here we have decided that he is doing his Mom's standard-- "Shooooot!" face.

And just in case you want to see who made this little man and what he looked like before, lol....

Love you guys!