Leah and Isaac are having a baby!! :)

Bean's niece Leah (whom she calls her sweet baby girl...and I now claim as mine too!) and her super rad husband Isaac are having a little baby Jones!  We are soooo excited!  This will be the first non-four-legged baby added to the family in quite some time! :)  Bean's sister Laura has four--four-legged grandbabies between her two children and this little guy that is coming in August will be the VERY first little person added to the crew.

We had an awesome weekend with the whole gang here---full of four-wheeler riding, game playing, and a little paintball action and managed to grab a few pics too.


Their only request was the BUMP ahead sign! :)

These guys are always so much fun!!

We love you guys!  Can't wait to meet Baby Jones! :)