Presley 7 Days New

Meet teeny, tiny baby Presley----I think she was the tiniest little nugget that we've seen!  When I went to move her from one thing to another I was actually nervous---which after having so many newborns around here, that's become uncommon!  But we haven't had someone quite so dainty in a long while! 

She was a sweetie and didn't give us too much of a fight!  Not only does she go down as the tiniest one we've had in a while, but also the most flexible!  The reason we always want them 14 days and younger is because they tend to sleep better AND curl up very nicely because they are fresh out of the oven where they spent 9 months curled up.  BUT some little newbies surprise us and instead of thinking it's fun to curl back up, they actually enjoy the newfound ability to sprawl out like a frog--so they don't give us much curling.  She curled like a champ! :)

This next one required effort from all of us...Julie and Mom held the bamboo and Dad had a hand under Presley's head!  Sweet!