Bella 9 Weeks

Sweet Bella had a lot of great personality for nine weeks!  We knew we wouldn't be able to get the same amount of sleepy shots as our standard newborn 10 days and younger sessions so were pleasantly surprised when she cat-napped just long enough for a quick few!  As soon as we moved her to try for more sleeping ones---she woke right up again! :)  At nine weeks there's just too many things you want to check out.  We love how many smiles we got and her cute little squish. 

Naturally, the first thng we had to ask Mom and Dad was if she was named Bella after a certain character of a popular book and movie series that I'm sure you've heard about!  Mom said she wasn't but is definitely a fan and wishes she had a dollar everytime she's asked that! :)

These flowers caps are so funny----Bean says they remind her of synchronized swimmers!

My very fave!  Dad and quite a few people in their family work for Coke so they requested the crates!  Enjoy! :)