Bethany 7 Months

Yep, it's her!! The world's happiest, most gorgeous baby!  We figured we'd continue on with "The Summer Of Cuteness" that we've had going on lately--thought maybe just in case the last few posts didn't make you combust from cute overload, that maybe this one would finish it off for ya!

As always---we had a super fun time hanging out with Bethany and her peeps.  Three more of our favorite people on the planet--Love 'em!  When life gives you lemons...go hang with this little lady!

Completely caught by accident----Bethany is saying "Shhh....the lemonade in the pitcher is really Country Time...NOT homemade!"  ;)

SERIOUSLY?!  Goodness gracious!

The butterfly wings didn't go over quite too well because the grass was waaaaay more interesting than anything we had going on as a distraction----but still cute!  Might have another go at wings oneday!