Julia 1 Year / McDonough Baby Photographer

Cutie-pie Julia was one of the sweet babies that we chose to be a MonkeyBean model for some cute bloomers and bibs from an awesome etsy seller that we recently stumbled upon!  If you're ever in need of cute dresses, bloomers, bibs, etc...check out ClaraJean on etsy.  I think we're getting more dresses to model soon....woohooo!  :)

Julia's only a year old but such a pro already! :)  Was a very pleasant baby and even had patience with us when my camera fogged up after going from a nice, cool house to a seriously humid, hot yard! ;)  I really wish I could remember to let the camera get some sun before we go out on hot days!!  Thank you Amber for submitting Julia's pics.  We really appreciate it and hope you love these.