Colin 6 Days New / Decatur Georgia Newborn Photographer

Remember that awesomely squishy, adorable baby I promised you on facebook?!  Here he is!  Colin might just be MonkeyBean's chunkiest little monkey this year!  Squeezing up on that good squish was sooo good!  Had plenty of opportunity for some squeezing too because little man only slept well when he was cuddling.  :)  It was definitely a marathon session, but worth every single minute of it!

Aside from being the chunkiest little newbie---Colin is right there with Blakely with the greatest photo session poop story!  Best timing ever!  Right as Colin's Mom undressed him, took the diaper off, held him against her and said, "Colin you better not poop on me because I didn't bring a change of..." There it was all over Mom and the floor---even in between her toes.  Good times, lol!  Wasn't the last time she had to change shirts either!  Somehow I managed to get away poop/pee free!!

Now on to better rolls than Pillsbury!

Look at that pinkie toe!  So cute!

Mom brought this adorable hat and the chunky me some etsy shoppers!


Mom wanted this shot badly--had to work for it and took all of us--but GOT it!  Of course for safety--there's a hand holding Colin's head up.

This is big brother Sam on the left and Finn on the the pose/lighting set up perfectly?  Nah--not really---but the fact that I even got this one----still lovin' it.  Think it's precious!  To me, a photo doesn't always have to be "technically" just so if most of the main elements are right on.