Emma Grace 6 Months / Perry Georgia Baby Photographer

Emma Grace's family drove up from Perry for Emma's six month pictures.  They heard about us from Baby Country in Warner Robins.  Emma was such a happy, easy to work with baby girl!  She smiled so much and only had one grouchy moment because all the modeling made her hungry.  After a bottle she was good to go for a few more pics!

Emma Grace might be the client with the most bows, tutus and outfit changes we've ever had!

Awesome expression!

Moms and Dads LOVE the teacup pics and it's always fun to see if the baby is going to really enjoy being in the cup or REALLY hate it.  It goes both ways and is super funny when they really love being squished into it! :)

Here is a full cup of Emma!  Gotta love those rolls! :)

As you can see, she thought it was hilarious hanging out in the cup!

How you know when a baby girl is done with her session....too precious.