Maye 7 Days New / Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Maye...what a precious little angel!!  She kept us on our toes and started to make her parents sweat it a little bit thinking that she wouldn't sleep---when for seven days she barely would wake up to eat!!  We always say that picture day is like "opposite" day for babies for some reason.  Maye held out for a little while, but once she was asleep she did just as her parents said she would and slept like a champ!

Her little face is just too gorgeous...her eyelashes, hair, lips...sigh.  Just so pretty.

Whew goodness this next one is so pretty, I almost can't stop staring at it!  Definitely my fave!

My sweet, fabulous Mama and precious Aunt Peggy got the wooden crate for us the day before Maye's session!  Gotta love when someone loves you enough to go prop searching for you when you're too busy to do it.  We are so fortunate.  Big puffy hearts....

LOVE when clients are all about letting us go outside with the newbies! :)  You can get pictures good enough to eat. ;)  Speaking of eating---doesn't that pink/brown blanket roll look like those tasty coconut candies that are pink, brown and white striped?!  You're with me right?!