Thea and Taylie...Thea turned three! / Decatur Georgia Children's Photographer

Thea and Taylie came back to us again---this time for some three year old pics of Thea.  Thea is the sweetest little three year old!  She made sure her parents invited us to her birthday party and it was so much fun.  She's into reptiles and other little creatures---so she had a reptile party.  I held a bearded dragon---too cool....Bean was a scaredy cat! ;)

This was a fun little session...I know their Mom is going to give me flack about how long it took them to get back to Decatur that evening---and how playing in the water ruined a very nice cloth diaper--so I'm preparing myself! ;)  She likes to give me flack every now and then...I'll just have to give some right back about the chocolate remnants that was left on the white props!!  LOVE YA SARG!!

Have you ever seen eyelashes this long?!  Amazing!