Mason 1 Year / Locust Grove Baby Photographer

Seems like we just saw little Mason for his 9 month pics and here he is at one year already!  Mom was a little worried at first because Mason decided that he didn't want a nap that day and some teeth cutting action was happening too---so he wasn't 100% the usual laugh for hours Mason---BUT seriously was still so easy going and happy for the most part!  Looking back at the pics, I think he might take home the messiest cake smasher award so far! :)

Mama's going to have to fight the ladies away from the house oneday...those blue

One little sad moment and it was too cute not to capture!

Mom brought the tractors that were a special gift to Mason left from family and then the high chair for his cake smashing was one his grandma, mom, cousins, etc...sat in.  Love when clients bring in items that have sentimental value!