Delaney 6 Years, Dylan 2 Years

We just met these two cuties recently but I've been friends with their Dad since High School.  I hadn't seen him in a billion years but facebook brought us all back together and now he's like the brother that Bean and I never had!  It's so radical when you have friends that are close to you or closer than some of the folks you were born related to!  These guys live in one of the most beautiful places we've ever been to!  Seriously--if you're looking for the prettiest water, most gorgeous sunsets---SKIP Key West and go to Navarre Beach, Florida.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y beautiful.  Much shorter trip there than to Key West too! ;) 

We visited for Labor Day weekend and had a blast!  Currently, we are suffering from Sno-Ball (fabulous sno-cones!) withdrawals.  Oh my goodness, they were so good.  Bean is the Rootbeer float flavor addict and after trying some more exciting flavors, I decided that half Cherry and half Lemon-Lime was the way to go!  We even tried a sample dill pickle flavored one and it was just like them!  Yes, I believe that is a paragraph about Sno-Balls....and I could go on!

The place where we shot Delaney and Dylans photos was a nifty area between the ocean and the sound and was such a fun place to explore.  We found all sorts of treasures and felt like we were on a real-life Jurassic Park or deserted Gilligan's Island a few times!  Fun stuff! 


My fave of the two:

Dylan had a few "two year old" moments and wasn't feeling much love for the camera always---and this one was too funny!

We love you guys lots of bunches and can't wait till next time!