Whit /Ola High Senior Class 2011 / Locust Grove Senior Photographer

Whit is one of three Gardner cousins that's graduating this year!  His Mom and Aunt contacted us about doing some individuals of the guys and some group shots with their cousin Megan as well.  When Whit's mom Barbie told us they wanted the pics taken there at Gardner Farms in the peach orchard...with Whit's drum set too, we were super stoked to say the least!  We love when people have their own radical props and fabulous place to shoot!  What was even better than that was how the entire family (well the entire family wasn't there---but quite a bit of them, lol) were the kind of people that you felt like you had hung out with a hundred times before.  Our kind of peeps!

Whit was a breeze to photograph---funny, easy-going, a total rockstar.  I can't even pick one fave.

These clouds are amazing!!  They make me feel like saying BADABING or BOOYAH!

The floating head cracks me up!

Check out Whit's video!  I have no clue what the people are saying in the song---so nobody look up the lyrics, ok?!  :)  Stay tuned for more Gardner greatness coming soon!