Mason 1 Month New / McDonough Georgia Newborn Photographer

Our first newborn of 2011, woohooooo!  What a MOST ADORABLE start to a year of hopefully a ton of newbies!  Mason is so dang cute, when his parents left the session we couldn't stop talking about how we wanted to babysit him for a whole day just so we could kiss on his neck and hug up on his squish.  :0 

We always say that super nice clients refer other super nice clients and this session was no exception!  Thanks so much to Shelby who sent Julie and Cedric!  We chatted a bunch with Julie in between many poops...that would be Mason's not ours ;) and she couldn't have been any easier to talk to.  We are definitely going to have some future fun with these guys and are stoked that we'll be seeing this little cutie-pie every three months!!  Ps. are one of the only dads that haven't caught some poop in the hand....or down the arm---so count yourself lucky on that one! Ha!

Seriously, look at those rolls.  Don't you just want to squish them over and over again?!

We don't often take "awake" shots of newbies because the poor little nuggets can't help it---but they usually look cross-eyed....this little man had so much personality and looked right at the camera for a few awake pics.  I'm telling ya, we're in love.

Here you can see his perfectly adorable booty freckle. ;)