Blakely 6 Months / Griffin Georgia Baby Photographer

It's been three more months already and Blakely is now six months old!  We never realized how time flies until seeing babies every three months.  They grow so fast and change so much---even in three months!

When Blakely's mom was describing what she wanted to do for the main portion of the photo session---she described it as Hippy meets Bob Dylan meets Duckie from Pretty in Pink (click that for the coolest scene from the movie!!) and I think we all nailed it!  They brought all the props we needed, we had a good time making a custom groovy backdrop, and setting it all up.  This was one of the most fun sessions ever and it was WAY crazy hard to even narrow the pictures down for my sneak peek, so they go on for a while...but you will enjoy I'm sure because this girl is cute with a GROOVY personality!!

Thanks again for another rockin' session guys----and for that awesome hanging out/chat time afterwards!

The girl doesn't even have to be posed---she can do it all on her own.

Can I get a Wha?! Wha?!

After channeling her inner cool chick, we changed it up a bit...

THE END...and a cute little end at that!