Madison and Charlotte's Snow Bunny Session / Kennesaw Georgia Children's Photographer

Madison and Charlotte are back and went from a very hot summer session last time to a super chillified winter snow bunny session! :)  The super crazy ice/snow storm came through and kept everyone in their houses for days, especially North of us where they still had snow and ice many days after ours was gone.

We went back and forth about whether or not we should reschedule the session, their sweet Mom was worried about us traveling up there in the yucky stuff and we were worried that it might be a little too messy for a session with kiddos...but we knew we HAD to get some pics of these adorable girls in their snowy weather clothes with the gorgeous white all around them.  This was a first for us and it was very adventurous, I'll tell you that!  Just ask Julie about her shoe that went down in some wet mush so far that when she tried to pull her foot out---it made a nasty suction noise and the goop kept her shoe and gave her back a muddy sock/foot. ;) 

These guys were such troopers braving the cold and getting their feet and pants legs wet for some pics!  We had a blast with you guys and created memories and pictures we'll always cherish!  Thanks so much for hanging with us.

This first one is a definite favorite!

Another fave!!

Oh and this one too! ;)