Evan 6 Months / Tallahassee Florida Baby Photographer

Little nephew Evan traveled up this way for his six month pictures and to hang with all of us ladies for girl's weekend...he was the only boy allowed!! :)  We had a blast with Bean's peeps---tried out some great new recipes, celebrated Bean's birthday and played some FUN games!  We have since purchased our own copy of JUST DANCE for the Wii....talk about a complete blast while getting a fun workout!!

Playing with little man and kissing up on that sweet neck was the icing on the cake!  He's such a fun little nugget and has the greatest little laugh. :)

How can you not smile when looking at that sweet smile in this first one?!  You could just eat his little face, lol!  Should have seen the outtakes with Bean's hands darting in and out to keep him safe in the dumptruck!

Evan's lucky to have pretty much one of the sweetest mamas on the planet...and pretty gorgeous too!  You won't meet many people as sweet as Leah!  He's busting out with his little lip tuck trick here.

Not sure if this one or the dumptruck is my fave...

We love you guys!!!