Coby ~ Senior Class 2012 / Ola High Senior Class Photographer

Had a blast with Coby, his mom, and little brother Charlie!  We shot at a place here in Jackson that we love shooting seniors at and even explored it a little further and found some cool areas we didn't check out before....that's always a blast!!

Some of my faves are the ones where we played around with the shadows while Coby worked his magic with his Mellophone.  He was a great sport and up for anything!  Thank you guys for coming to us for Senior pics, we hope you have a awesome year.

My faves!

I'm in this pic lol! 

When I asked Coby what kind of music he would like for his video he told me think Nickelback or Blink 182...since I can't use them because of copyright rules, I went for something very Blink 182-esque from the ones I was able to choose from.  Hope I did OK Coby! ;)