Amanda's Maternity / Macon Georgia Maternity Photographer

Amanda and Bud are good friends of ours that we have a BLAST hanging with-- drinking blue kool-aid and playing board games on game night!  And kool-aid is not code for something else---it really is the most awesome blue kool-aid!  I say that because I've been asked if it really stood for something more "adult-like" lol! 

These two have waited so long for a baby and when they were right at the point of thinking that it wasn't meant to be, sweet Emily started baking! :)  We're so excited for them and this sweet miracle baby.  Can't wait till she makes her appearance in December...she's due on the 10th but I'm hoping she decides to make her debut on the 11th so we can share some birthday cake together!  Well for her first birthday she can have the milk, I'll have the cake.  ;)

This will probably hang in Bud's man-cave's SO him!

With all the game nights they host...had to incorporate one! 

Such a pretty mama-to-be!

If you love Bud and Amanda you know one of the best things being around them is how much they laugh and make you laugh! :)