Mark and Chelsea are Married! / Indian Springs Wedding Photographer

We just love Mark and Chelsea!  It's so much fun taking engagement pictures first and getting to know couples better and then seeing them all dressed up and excited on their special day---just the icing on the cake.  These two are SO easy-going and fun to be around---they make you laugh just by being around them.  It was great seeing them interact with their close friends and family---who are equally fun! 

With such a young, energetic wedding party---we knew we were going to get some hilarious photographs!  They did a jumping shot and WOW, they can jump high! Definitely check out their video---some of the dancing photos are my faves ever----love that with a simple ipod loaded with sweet music, some of the most emotional dancing moments happened for us to photograph!  Just goes to show it's mostly about the people at the wedding...not necessarily breaking the bank!

They remind us of wedding cake toppers! :)

We threw in some of their engagement props for fun...this was used because one of the main things they love to do together is watch movies!

I personally think this romance rivals that of sparkly vampire love! ;)