Clara 8 Days New / Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer

Oh gracious....sweet, adorable Bethany now has a sweet, adorable little sister named Clara! :)  Two perfect girls, we're loving it!  Miss Clara thought she was going to give us a run for our money and not do any sleeping...but we put some of that good sleepy mojo on her and was able to grab a few shots before she decided she was done for good! :)  Woohoo!

She looks so much like big sister Bethany and looking at some of their expressions in the pics where they are side by side, was really cool!  We're so glad there's another member of this family for us to love.

These next two are my faves!

Why not cover two holidays at once?!

Now these sibling shots CRACK ME UP!  I've laughed so many times at the scowl Clara is giving!

How about how in this next one it totally looks like they are up to something or have a special sister secret?!  Love it!