Owen 19 Days New / Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

We first met Owen when he was inside his mama's pregnant belly at Christie and Tracy's wedding!  **See a few posts down!**  We've now done pictures for quite a few of their buddies!  Check out this nine degrees of separation type info...it started with Madden and his peeps who live next door to newborn Davis and his people...who also live next door to Christie and Tracy who are good friends with Owen's Mom and Dad.  Did you catch that?  That's like four close friends/three who happen to be neighbors who all come to MonkeyBean.  Do we love it?!  You know it!  We didn't know when we met Mandy at Christie's wedding as a bridesmaid that we'd be doing her newborn pics, so we were pretty stoked when we got the email.

Owen at 19 days is a little older than our typcial newborns, but he slept for the most part and we were able to get our camera on his squishy, wrinkly goodness.  ;)  Oh and yes if were handing out awards---he wins hands down for best kidney function ever.  No joke!  He was however gentlemanly enough to hold all number 2's.

Also, I believe that Owen is our first SC Gamecock fan!


His room is done in sock monkeys...I think we might have to pay a visit.  We're fans. :0

When clients request the turtle shell bowl, it makes my heart happy! ;)  When they don't request it, well I just use it anyway, lol!!! :) :)  She requested it!

I'm digging his expression in this next one and especially loving the wrinkly little pits!  That'll be the only time in a person's life where arm pits are precious!! ;)

He was being influenced by the hip-hop music here.  Word. To. Ya. Motha.  And yes, it's obviously past my bedtime.