The Eubanks Family / Locust Grove Georgia Family Photographer

These are seriously good friends of PRE-photography biz friends! :)  We love these guys lots of bunches---so much that we call them "framily"----you know friends that are family!  We've certainly had some good times over the years and been there for each other through the fun stuff and the poopie stuff too.  We've had lots of little photo shoots with the boys---but this was the first time with the whole crew and it was fun!  

Kinsley wanted plenty of pictures of them having fun, being themselves and I think we got it!  


Love this next one!


Love all the hot chocolate series!  The boys thought that was some GOOOODDDD stuff that Julie made!

And this right here is one of my top fave pics ever!  Whew goodness I lurve it.  This would be in a  ginormous canvas on my wall.