2011 Photo of the Year Contest Info

OK here it goes!! :)  SOOO hoping this year goes off more fun and less stressful than last year.  Almost wonder if we should attempt this again???  BUT as a teacher, I firmly believe the people who behave and play nicely shouldn't be punished along with the turkeys who act up! ;) 

This contest is meant to be fun and meant to say "thank you" to our awesome clients AND to have a Photo of the Year on record!  We certainly don't want to be the ones who choose the POTY because it's just too hard---and I can't EVEN imagine how mad some folks would get if we didn't choose theirs.  SO it just seems more fair to let people collect "votes" from family/friends and let that determine the winner.

Will the BEST, most artistic, most awesomely styled/posed/sweetest moment/etc...picture win?  Possibly not---but who is to say which is all of those things?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone loves a certain painting, song, picture for various reasons.  The picture that wins will obviously be the one where the family works the hardest to get votes/the family who knows the most people on facebook.  That's just the truth.  That's how it works...so if that's not something you're into---then you don't have to participate.  No need in getting ugly...no need in feeling like you need to leave ugly comments on someone else's photos or name call, or say other people are cheating.  Also no need in getting defensive and making comments that your child is cuter than the kid in the photo that's winning.  I mean seriously....SERIOUSLY...this stuff happens y'all...and there's no need for it.  Step away from the computer and just don't participate. 

We love our clients---yes let's be honest---we love some way more than others.  That's just a fact.  I felt like it needs to be said---some people are easier and more fun to work with.  Some people send us an email/card, etc...to thank us for the hard work we put into their pics while some don't say one single word when they get their disc.  Who do you think we're going to love more?  We aren't a corporation--we are in an artistic job where feelings get involved/hard work gets put in/we get attached to people and most definitely to the images that become our babies.  It's amazing the time that goes into this business and some people get it and some people treat us like Walmart--pay--leave--done.  That is another reason why we don't choose the Photo of the Year and who gets a free session, because we get more attached to certain people and therefore certain images. 

Last year this contest totally made me cry.  It wasn't supposed to be like that at all.  I never dreamed it would turn into something not fun...guess I should have known that someone always has to ruin the fun...but I went into it with my optimist hat on. Last year there were some negative feelings about us from one group about us choosing the image for the contest, they felt like we didn't choose the best image from the session and felt like they were going to lose because of us...when we felt like we did choose the best image.   Well it's simple---and if this sounds mean---I'm sorry.  WE are the ones running the contest that WE don't have to run.  So WE chose the photo.  I can't believe it turned into something yucky feeling.  It made me really sad and have negative feelings towards this business. 

Another moment was that someone said we "liked" the image and helped someone's pic.  Facebook happened to "like" random images here and there.  It wasn't us.  And really---why would we help someone win?!  Why would we care?  If we want someone to have free pics---WE GIVE THEM FREE PICS. We don't need to cheat for a pic to win free sessions.  For real! 

But, there are people that make us have happy feelings towards the biz too and we are SO thankful for them.  They often make up for the others.  Those people I just want to give the biggest hugs to!!  Those are the ones that don't run off to every free photo contest that the photog up the street runs, the ones who stick by us and we appreciate so much.  They know who they are.  We love you guys.

I'm sorry for this soapbox rant---but I've never really expressed my feelings about certain things on facebook/here because of having to be so p.c. all of the time and not wanting to step on any toes...and certainly don't want to upset anyone---but honestly just felt like things needed to be said before this contest started up again...and the ones who love us and our work--will "get it" and come back for pics...the ones who this made mad will go up the road for pics and we are most definitely A-OK with that.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”  -Dr. Seuss.



The photo with the most comments (NOT LIKES) under your photo on facebook by Monday Jan. 2nd at 10pm will be the winner!! You can comment on as many photos as you want--but your comment only counts one time per person.  So if you comment on your pic more than once---only one time counts.  If you want to win---get those families/friends involved---tell them to leave a comment on your pic! :) 

To keep it fair for the people I can't tag---I'm not tagging anyone and I'm also not sending out messages to people to let them know the pictures are up.  If you're keeping an eye on our page--you'll have a one-up over the people who don't. 

We chose ONE of our fave photos from one of your sessions with us throughout the year.  We chose that particular one because it's just one of our faves---it was VERY hard to choose.  Trust me on that. 

To be as fair as possible---if you had any full session with us at all--if you win---you win a FREE session for next year!  If you purchased a mini session, you win an $80.00 gift certificate towards a session.  If you did a barter/modeling trade with us then you will win a $50.00 gift certificate towards a session if your photo has the most comments.

ANY negative, sucky comments will be deleted and the person who left it will be blocked from making further comments on the fan page along with not doing a future session for that individual.  If you have a contest entry and it's you that makes the comments, your picture will be disqualified.  It's just not going to be tolerated this year. 

Thank you for spending 2011 with us.  Keep an eye out for our annual end of year video and for something different this year--after the contest winner is announced, Bean and I will be letting you see our choices for our fave pics of the year! :)  I'm excited!