Madeline 3 Weeks / Dallas Georgia Newborn Photographer

Madeline came all the way from Dallas (Georgia, lol) to have her newborn pictures made with us!  She was already a little older than the typical age we try to get newbies in for pics and gave us a run for our money at first with wanting to stay awake the entire first hour-----but once she was OUT she was OUT.   :)  Her parents are the cool kind of parents that realize that photographers can't make kiddos do something they just don't want to do, so that was a relief---but we knew if we hung on long enough, we'd get there. :)

Maddie is a cutie and definitely wins the award for the longest toes we've ever seen on a newbie! ;)  Her dad called them monkey toes because it totally looks like she could pick up stuff with those.  That will definitely come in handy one day when she doesn't want to bend down to pick something up! hee!

Thank you guys for driving so far to have pictures made with us!! 

One of my faves....

Another fave!

Those toes I was telling you about....too cute!