Brecken 7 Days New / Gainesville Georgia Newborn Photographer

I can't tell you how stoked we were (are) that someone would drive so far to come to us for newborn pictures when there's definitely closer (and definitely cheaper)---but definitely not more rad ;) photographers that would have been closer to these guys!  They drove all the way from Gainesville GA with a seven day old baby----NEW PARENTS on little to no sleep...yeah we think they are pretty freakin' radical for that!  We're so thankful that they fell in love with photos from a few friends/great clients of ours and that's how they made it to us.

Brecken made us sweat it out a little bit in the beginning---would totally not go to sleep---I think it's a seven day old thing...when I think back at all the newbies that stayed awake the longest, it's the seven day old cuties.  BUT after much reassuring to his parents and all of the newborn sleepy tools in play, he finally gave it up!  WHEW... **wiping nervous sweat off forehead** ;)

Brecken's mom was so worried that he ended up winning the award for the most poops in one session---but I'm still pretty sure another little man holds that title...I do think he wins the award for possibly the most difficult birthing story---poor man was stuck in mom's pelvis region for quite some time and had to eventually be born via c-section.  I'm so excited we can give them some precious pics of their first, new addition.

This first one is definitely one of my very faves...

His room is decorated in cute kid tools---so we had to break out a cool prop that we've never used before.  Getting him in there was a little "iffy" at first--then he got himself so snuggled in that I didn't want to move him---so I just took the shot with him all the way down in there instead of leaning out a little like I had originally planned.

OH--this next picture just made me remember that he actually does win the award for the baby who kept his fingers in his mouth the longest!  I've never seen a newborn suck on his fingers as much as Brecken, it was precious!


Thanks again you guys for traveling so far!!  We had a great time with sweet Brecken!