Xander 16 Days / Griffin Georgia Newborn Photographer

It's been raining newborns and it's the only rain that we don't get tired of! :)  We LOVE when clients send us new clients...esp. when they are fresh baked newborns!!  Thanks Lindsey!

Xander is MonkeyBean's very first red-headed newbie!  Goodness he was soooo sweet and cuddly!  At first he screamed his head off at me every time I put him down...I'd pick him up and snuggle him and he'd go right back to calm...he'd be such a great t.v. watching buddy to snuggle up with!  Once he was out really well, he slept like a champ through all of the props.  We so enjoyed this little man, he's so sweet and adorable!

I looovvvveeee this image!  So precious all snuggled up in the wrap!

Finally used our super cute sock monkey hat given to us from Natalie, thanks again Nat-we love it!!!