Drake 2 , Jaxon 10 Days / Kathleen Georgia Newborn Photographer

Drake and Jaxon's mom found us through our work hanging up at Baby Country in Warner Robins!  We were super stoked to get another phone call from an expecting mom---because newbie sessions are so much fun (work---but fun work)!  Macie thought we were a little closer to Kathleen than we are but said our work was her fave that she had seen (aww....gave us the warm fuzzies for sure) and would travel to see us for pics.  There was a little gps mix-up on the session day which gave baby Jaxon more sleeping time than predicted, so he was WIDE awake for pretty much the entire session.  We always say that we haven't had a newborn "beat" us at our game yet, but this little dude may have done it. 

We still got some cute shots of him pretending to sleep every now and then so I don't feel completely "had" by a 10 day old, but didn't get as many as we normally would.  Fortunately his big brother Drake was there at the session and we got a ton of super cute pics of him---which thankfully made a full session since their Mom ended up doing quite a bit of driving!  Thanks Macie for coming to us for pics!

Though, Jaxon looks a little ticked about his photo shoot, I still like this one of both of them...

They call him Jax and I think that's pretty super duper cute!

Drake would do whatever you needed him to do...for the price of a little gummy bear action, lol! :)

A fave of Drake:

A fave of baby Jax: