Riley 8 Days New / Kathleen Georgia Newborn Photographer

Little Riley came to us right after the craziness which we like to call "Easter Minis" lol!  Good times, just a lot of picture taking and it took me a little while to get to his pictures.  This little man slept so good for me...even through all the pooping...a lot of pooping, he slept!  I think he may have taken the championship away from Dutch for the most poops in a session---there were times that his mom and I were both very thankful that the diaper was on with the sounds we were hearing! ;)

I love this little man's spikey hair in the back and those awesome lips!  His parents were very laid-back and easy to hang out with and we're glad we'll get to see them again and little Riley grow with our Baby's First Year plan!

Thank you guys for driving all the way from Kathleen for Riley's newborn photos! 

ADORABLE little bunny!

Dad brought this hat, something very special to him---you 'Bama fans might know a little something about it---I had no clue and totally had to get schooled. :)

I lurve, lurve it, lurve it! ;)

This might be my very fave from the session...possibly because it's so cute and possibly because I'm so obsessed with this bowl per usual. :)