Abbey 1 Year , Madeline 3 Months / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

It's time already for Madeline's 3 month pictures!  These newborns change SO much from newborn to three months...people don't believe it until they see it.  This time we met up with these guys in Atlanta at the fabulous Grant Park--which is mostly fab to us because of who lives nearby...that post is next! :)

Madeline was pretty sleepy for her session but we managed to keep her awake long enough for a few shots----she was probably wondering why in the world these ladies wouldn't just let her sleep. :)  While Madeline was getting fed, big sister Abbey totally stole the show.  From what we hear from Mom and Dad--Abbey HATES to have her picture made, so we were over the moon to get some shots of her that we know Mom and Dad are going to LURVE!  :) 

Here's a "then" shot of Miss Madeline--

She is a serious chunka monk!  Has more squishy rolls than Pilsbury!  I think she got mad at me once because I wouldn't stop the squishing!

And Abbey!  Those blue eyes of hers are killer.