Bethany 1 Year, Easter 2011 / Atlanta Georgia Children's Photographer

You know that we had to do more than a "mini" session for Bethany!  This girl has my heart and is absolute perfection.  It's no secret that she is my favorite tiny human (girl)....her and a few boys that I absolutely adore to the moon and back too!  We were so stoked to spend some time with her and her peeps here at the house for Easter pics and then again after our Grant Park session. 

Yes indeed, this cuteness got multiple clothing changes and a special set up just for her....I mean she calls us "Aunts" after all.  I'm never going to be able to be the one to say "No" to this preciousness...let's go ahead and write that in stone!

I have to brag about her awesome skills...I've never seen a one year old know that they should have to hold something in one hand to steady it while they are taking something in and out of it with the other hand.  Stellar really!  She saw the bottle wobble only one time and knew exactly what to do!

 Seriously?!  So freakin' adorable!