The Castellanos Crew Spring 2011 / Middle Georgia Family Photographer

We did another super awesome trade with Sheena and Aaron of The Grand Gourmet for a friend's housewarming party---the food was FAB as usual...the party was over and it was time for some fab pics too! :)

We love taking pics of these guys---so fun, laid back--we just sort of follow the kiddos around and capture them just being themselves with some posing and "look this way" shots mixed in as well, it's always a blast.  Since their last photo session was more urban themed---this time we did what I like to call a "Huck Finn" type of session!  Sheena ALWAYS has these guys styled just right with their clothing, hats, etc....she says that's thanks to an awesome BFF of hers! :)  Thank you BFF, because this family is always dressed perfectly for whatever we do and it totally makes the pictures rock harder when the clothes go along with the scenery and look we're going for!  We seriously appreciate that, you just don't know!!  We might need to hire you. :)

Because I love SO many of the images and they seem to tell a little story grouped together, I decided to show these a little differently this time.

I LOVE this next one!!

The sailboats losts their sails and turned into submarines, but we didn't care--Julian had fun!