Samantha 8 Days New / Griffin Georgia Newborn Photographers

Sweet Samantha--just eight days new and so so good to us.  Oh my goodness we just wanted to hold and love on her forever.  Such a precious little cutie!  Big brother has been to us for Easter pics before and also for some splashin' fun in our old, outdoor tub so it was nice hanging with their parents and chatting over some newborn photos. 

I feel like it's been forever since we've had a newborn girl---even though it hasn't been that long---but the boys and their sports equipment have been plentiful lately, so having the opportunity to whip out the flowers and girly stuff was great again too!  We love them both!!

Brady had a few pictures made while Samantha was on a snack break...I think he may have been flirting with us! ;)  Or...maybe with just Julie--she's always busy flirting with the tiny guys and getting the smiles while I'm working the big black box in front of my face.  Slacker!! ;)

I totally love it when our weedy--overgrown yard gets to make a beautiful photo!!  Weeds are just unappreciated flowers after all--or so some famous quote says! :)