Susan and Mike are married! / Jackson Georgia Wedding Photographers

We intentionally don't take on very many weddings---we don't want it to be our primary gig, but the ones we do photograph are always a blast and so many memories are made throughout the day!  It's so moving to see a bride and groom's love on their wedding day---along with how supportive their families are and the love and help they give them during the day's events.  The interactions between everyone are our favorite parts.

Photographing a wedding, you always fear you're going to have a BRIDEZILLA on your hands which would make your day less than pleasant to say the least---but we have had nothing but super sweet brides yet!!  We]ve loved each bride that we've had the pleasure of photographing.  They've each been different, yet all have been easy-going and pleasant to be around! :)

Susan was certainly no exception---she was poised yet laid back in her approach to the day.  She told us that if nothing else happened, she wanted great photos!  We certainly couldn't agree more!  The cake will be gone, the flowers will have died....but your photographs will be there to show your children and grandchildren! 

We are thankful for a gorgeous, sweet bride, her go-with-the-flow, super nice groom and one of the nicest families we've ever known for having us as their wedding photographers at their super fun wedding carnival.  You know we LOVED the color scheme. ;)

Here are a few of my fave pics from the day...and the rest of the peek is in the video.  It's "hd" so may take a bit to load...but it's worth it. ;)

They opted for a first look---seeing each other before the ceremony--so they could get the majority of the pictures done while still looking great and while there's time before the ceremony...SO SMART! It's the only way to go! :)

This is Mike's car LouAnn and he loooovvveeesss it! :)  So glad they wanted to incorporate it (I mean her) into their pics!  :)

This is pure greatness...

We might be partial to their cake colors, FOR SURE!

Check out the video for much more of their day!