Gracie and Gunnar / Warner Robins Children's Photographers

Little Gracie and Gunnar are absolutely adorable and fun to photograph!  Their peeps brought them to us from Warner Robins coming to us from seeing our work at Baby Country Consignments there--thanks Jamie--we love this family!  Gracie and Gunnar's parents are also business owners which makes them super understanding of being busy and wanting to get something done---but it needing to take a little bit---therefore having patience to let someone take their time and do an excellent job.  We seriously appreciate that!  We LOVE that our clients get super excited to see their photos...but don't always love getting an email right after leaving the session asking us when the pics will be ready...we love taking pictures, editng pictures...but we like to eat and sleep some too, lol! :)

These guys were some of the most awesome clients we've ever had and we look forward to working with them again.  It seriously helps when you have someone that is SO excited about the work you've done for them and can't stop complimenting you on how awesome the pictures are...that really motivates us even more to want to do a ridiculously awesome job for someone and keep them excited and loving some MonkeyBean!! 

Would you believe that Gunnar is only 9 months old?!  Seriously look how big and grown this little man looks....totally going to eat these guys out of house and home, hee! gorgeous.  She's got an awesome personality to match the beauty too.