The Goens/Newton Family / Jackson Georgia Family Photographer

Normally little Baleigh is the star of the photo sessions---this time she let some of her family members join in on the fun as well! :)  We had a good time with these guys trespassing, breaking!  Well the place we shot the pics at is pretty public so maybe we didn't actually trespass---but you're not supposed to get on train tracks...I understand that.  That makes complete sense.  I'm not a fan of being on a train track---BUT these guys asked us for the track pics because Baleigh's Great-granddad worked for meant so much to we just had to! :)  So moral of the story...MonkeyBean doesn't break laws, they just make clients happy, lol!!  These guys are some of our biggest fans, so we'll do whatever we need to do! :)

Baleigh with her Mom, Grandma, and Great-grandma...that's pretty awesome!