Chelsea and Mark are engaged! / Forsyth Georgia Engagement Photographers

Spending time watching movies--esp. Finding Nemo, traveling to fun places, going to concerts and exploring new places...all ways that Chelsea and Mark like to spend their time together.  We did our best to incorporate a little something for all their main interests together and had a blast doing so! 

Chelsea first sent us an email and we met with them at the fabulous Jonah's Pizza in Forsyth...Mark can recommend the BEST pizzas there by the way!  Chelsea found us by doing some google searches and found our post about the beautiful Berry College wedding we shot with Brooke and Chris and immediately became sad that we were probably too far North to shoot her wedding.  How funny that we are only 30 minutes away, right?!  Too cool!! 

Chelsea had "the" list of questions that they give you in magazines and websites these days to ask your potential really feel like you're on a sort of job interview!  We said "GIVE 'EM TO US!"  The meeting went great, we felt like we did a splendid job on our interview questions and were stoked that these guys were so fun to be around and that they laughed so easily at my jokes! ;)  We went inside to grab a pizza for the road and the next thing we know, we were passed a check and a contract.  Can you say HAPPY DANCE?!  We felt pretty bad ass! I've never left an "interview" feeling that rad!

So here we are...a super fun engagement session and their wedding at Indian Springs in October....oh a wedding with sunflowers I might know me right?!  SUNFLOWERS!  "Sunflower" was my nickname in highschool if that tells ya anything...and October.  You know MonkeyBean loves us some October...we were made for this wedding. :)

These guys are fun-loving, love to be silly and interact together, which made for a WAY easy session, so I had to throw in a video to show all the laughs and good times.

Not everybody can pull off the 'staches...Chelsea told me that they love to be silly and act goofy together...totally knew they'd rock this and they did!

Love the movie watching ones! :)

I wonder what our faux-Nemo thought when Bean snatched him up out of our goldfish pond! He's still alive, in case you were wondering. ;)

Love how these two look at each young and so in love! :)

Check out all the fun on their video below.