Claire 1 Year / Jackson Georgia Baby Photographers

Precious little Claire is one year old!  I can't even believe how fast a year goes by when you get older!!  Notice I didn't say "OLD!" ;)  We had such a good time at the airplane hanger with Claire and her peeps.  Laura and John are always so laid back on photo sessions and though Claire makes us all work for those smiles, it's always way worth it. :)  The ones with her and her dad's plane are some of my faves ever.  We're excited knowing that with their family's love of flying/planes and the fact that Claire will totally learn how to fly a plane herself one day, these images will be more meaningful as the years pass.

Here's the little cutie the first time we ever met her...stay tuned for her "year in review" video at the end too! ;)

I love all of these, but there's something about this next one and I can't stop looking at it!

Video is "HD" so please give time to load before throwing tomatoes at your computer.  Hee!

So, after the session was over John asked if we wanted to go up in the plane....My first response "NO THANKS!"  Julie's, "SURE!"  Mind you---this is the same person whose hands got in about four engagement shots because she was death gripping the ferris wheel post.  ;)  But oh no--she was all about going up in the plane and I was all about bipassing that and heading to my sofa.  My sofa that sits on the ground.  Still.  No movement in air.  On the ground.  Unable to fall out of the sky.  It was her first time in a small plane but she's flown many times.  It was my second time in a small plane and my second time flying.  The first time I HATED it...but I'm thinking that was due to weighing 85 pounds and taking two dramamine pills.  I'm surprised I was conscious.  I remember taking one and thinking..."You get motion sick in the backseat of a car....surely two will ensure you'll be super great."  One hour later, I felt like dirt.  Anywho---Jules only had to ask twice and I decided to go for it.  John is such an excellent pilot and made us feel very safe and secure! 

He took us by our house...I got some pics...blurry of course--I work better with two feet on the ground, but I'm stoked to have these!  Our yard looks so manicured from up high, lol.  Thanks John and Laura, you guys rock!