Phoenix 1 Month New / Griffin Georgia Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness....the beauty of this little one is too much!  She was a sassy little thing---kept her parents up the entire night before--so we all thought she'd sleep like the best of them and be completely worn out, but noooo she was ready for more partying.  We put our best sleep mojo tricks on her and still had a rough time getting her to sleep.  I've totally got some new arm muscles from rocking her back and forth because that's the only thing that would work...then as soon as she knew I was placing her down for posing, those eyes would pop right back open telling me she wasn't being fooled that easily! :)

As you can tell, we did get this little beauty to sleep eventually and the work/reward payoff was HUGE because she is most definitely a sleeping beauty.  Those lips, the little curl in her full head of hair, that squish...perfection.  I want to take pics of her everyday.

This first one might be my very fave...