Lucy Is One! / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Little LuLu has just turned one year old and is another one of our precious baby planners that we got to see grow up for a year!  So awesome and so so fast.  Lucy is a JOY to photograph, always gives so many different expresssions.  She's way easy on me now, but BOY I still remember how difficult of a time she gave me during her newborn session----she was not wanting her picture made while we were inside.  As soon as we went outside though, she was out like a lamp!  Her nine month pics and now one year session, are my faves from the year.

Lucy's mom Nikki is much like other baby planners of ours, very loyal to us and our work and we want to say THANK YOU for that.  She's another one who didn't jump at every free contest she's seen going on just to get pictures by everyone possible...and has stuck by us.  We enjoy all of our clients, but I'm not going to lie---the ones who have remained loyal to just having us take their pictures have a very special place in our hearts and we naturally go out of our way to do more for them--throw in extras, rearrange schedules---we'll do whatever we can to show them how much them coming to us for pictures, means to us.  Heck, why wouldn't we?!  :)  Faithfulness goes an extremely long way with us.

Here is Miss Lucy when we first met her...

Had to show her in the carriage now!

Her mom's only request for this session---were lots of bright colors.  Bright colors?!  We can handle that!

Love this next one!

The next one on the right is one of my all time fave pics now!  That is some serious cuteness!

Enjoy Lucy's video below!