Brantley 12 Days New / Jackson Georgia Newborn Photographers

Little Brantley is practically our next door neighbor living just at the other end of our road! :)  He was such a sweet, precious little cutie that I didn't want him to go back home.  For a 12 day old little guy he was unbelievably easy on us---usually the older they are, the harder they are to get to sleep--but not this sweetie.  He was so good to us!  Just thinking about him makes me want to give him some hugs and kisses because he's just SO cute!

Goodness I love me some newborn cuteness!  I believe this little man is going to be on the Baby Plan as well, so we're excited to get to see yet another cutie patootie grow up!

Seriously?!  So so precious!

I love this next one so much!