Riley 3 Months / Middle Georgia Baby Photographers

Little Riley is one of our Baby Plan babies so we're going to get to watch this little man grow up for the next year!  Right now I'm pretty sure I'm SO NOT on his favorite list of people seeing as he was taken out of a cool, air-conditioned car in his carseat into the crazy heat, woke up inside a crate and was expected to smile and laugh at the camera.  Hmm...yeah--probably wouldn't have made many of us smile and laugh. :)

But he didn't hold it against me throughout the entire session, as you can see he snuck some smiles in there with the glares! :)

Here's one of Riley's newborn pics at only 8 days new!

And three months later...

These are two of my faves:

Saying "PLEASE, can I go back to my cooled off car?!"