Madeline aka Maddie Jane 6 Months/ Dallas Georgia Baby Photographer

So we've been using Indian Springs a lot lately...some by request, some because it's great there, and some because it's convenient!  Since we've been going there a little more than usual, I've been trying to make it a point to use some areas that we don't always use--to find some newness and excitement in a place that is used A LOT A LOT A LOT for pics.  I'm fairly certain it's the first time someone was crazy enough to carry a baby carriage down below the bridges into a small stream!  It was exciting, it was was exhausting! Heee! 

It was totally worth it though.  Maddie Jane stared at us all like we were crazy jokers putting her down there in a tutu...can't wait to see what she thinks about these pictures one day when she's able to tell us! :)  I love the Harps for trusting us to do these crazy things and for going with the flow and though possibly thinking it, at least not telling me I'm insane.  That's being nice, lol! 

You see why I was so excited?!  So pretty!

I lurveee this next one!  That expression is so sweet!

This is one of my very faves...I did it in color and black and white and Julie had to help me choose which one to post because I loved them equally! :)