Mallory 9 Days New / Jackson Georgia Newborn Photographer

Mallory makes the SIXTH "M" named kiddo we've had in a row on the website!  How cool is that?!  Ok well it might not be cool to you, but I like patterns like that, I think they are nifty! ;)  My mama sent me an email asking me if I had noticed, and she thinks it's cool too lol!

Baby girls tend to be a little more difficult for us, not wanting to go to sleep---too busy wanting to check everything out---but Mallory surprised us and slept pretty much the entire time, making her session go very quickly!  Even if she did wake up for a minute, just snuggling with her for a few seconds got her right back to sleep.  We certainly didn't mind those moments of snuggling.  Such a sweet, precious baby girl! 

Mallory's great-grandfather retired from Mathis Milk I had to do this! :)

This one is a fave...

And this one ;)


Mallory's aunt Amber bought her this sweet purple headband and the pink hat too, she's totally going to be one spoiled, lucky little girl!